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True Meridianpresents a revolutionary MULTIPOINT-TO-MULTIPOINT system that is ahead of current video conferencing technology. It allows conferencing with as many people as needed from anywhere around the world. MCS Version 6.0 has successfully overcomes the disadvantages of current video conferencing systems through the following unique and powerful features :

  • Allows unlimited number of users
  • Seamless integration between board room system and desk top system
  • Minimum Bandwidth Requirement of 64Kbps Only
  • Eliminate The Requirement Of An Expensive MCU
  • Zero Call Charges
  • MCS Uses Non-Proprietary IP Protocol & Runs Over Your Existing LAN, WAN, VPN, Wireless & VSAT Networks
  • Provides Full Motion & Real Time Video With CD Quality Full Duplex Audio
  • Built-In NAT & Firewall Traversal Which Allow Multiple Connection Behind A Single NAT Environment
  • Powerful Document Conferencing Features Which Allow Sharing & Editing Document Files

Our vision is to make multipoint multimedia video conferencing system a common means of multi-party communication at a fraction of the cost of many other systems currently in use.

With its innovative RSW Control Criteria, MLIC and server-to-server multipoint-to-multipoint solutions, MCS was developed with the goal of offering new technologies that breaks multimedia conferencing into new grounds rather than following the norm. This has resulted in a conferencing system that genuinely offers a unique solution with superb performance.

Multipoint to Multipoint Solution which can do videoconferencing within the company or organization on Local Area Network (LAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Internet. It may enable you to provide your customer.

  • Communication between members from the same building
  • Intranet communication between main office and branches
  • Communication between cities, states and countries
  • Hardware independent solution which can work on existing network
  • Unlimited number of participants in the conference
  • In built chat support should be available
  • No ISDN calls cost