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With no shortage of IT education options available, how can you be sure that Open Source Training is the best fit for your individual learning needs? Here are essential attributes that differentiate Open Source Training, allowing us to remove your risk and assure your training success. You can evaluate any training provider based on these important criteria. We're convinced that you'll find no other company provides such assurance of consistently exceptional, affordable, and convenient training.

Competency-Based, Task-Oriented Course Design

The most effective way to build industrial-level competence in open source technologies is to establish what tasks the students will need to perform on the job, and have them actually complete those tasks as part of the training program. The courseware utilized by Open Source Training is developed with a task-orientation focused on creating true competency.

Instructors With Extensive Industry Experience in Multiple Technologies

Professionals want to learn from professionals. The instructors delivering courses for Open Source Training are not new to programming, nor are they new to the industrial training environment.

  • Our instructors are cross-trained in multiple related technologies.
  • They're not just one day ahead of the students.
  • They can provide an unbiased assessment of alternative open source technologies, their features and functionality, and their potential perils and pitfalls.
  • Our instructors are of the highest caliber available. 98% of the instructors teaching for our competitors lack the qualifications and experience to meet our strict standards.

A Cost-Effective, Total Solution

Most organizations that require open source training spend too much on it and don't receive the full value that can be realized. You can't take advantage of great training without control over the cost. Open Source Training is dedicated to providing task oriented learning that is accelerated, affordable, and accessible. Our prices for both open-enrollment and on site training classes are among the lowest in the industry. The availability of classes throughout the United States and Canada plus on site training options help minimize or, in some cases, eliminate your travel costs. And there are no hidden additional fees for application, registration, or cancellation. Many training providers charge unnecessary fees for cancellations or changes. At Open Source Training, we've made it possible for you to plan in advance and make changes if necessary without any hassle or financial penalty. That adds up to true cost control. If you compare our cost structure with other quality training providers, you'll find there is really no comparison.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

The quality of our customer service is unsurpassed in the IT training industry. Tailored discount packages allow your company to exploit our multiple locations if you have personnel dispersed across the country. Instructors are always available for additional assistance and mentoring on a subject, even after students finish class. And if a student is not confident in their abilities after training with us, they also have the option to retake all or part of their course again at no additional charge. If a student lacks confidence, we will work with him to develop the understanding that leads to confidence as well as competence.

Unrivaled Success Guarantees

Unscrupulous training providers have burned thousands of unsuspecting students and their companies. When you require training, you need to demand a higher standard from your provider. Open Source Training provides six success guarantees unrivaled in the IT training industry.

  • Open Source Training guarantees small class sizes.
  • Open Source Training guarantees quality instructors.
  • Open Source Training guarantees competence.
  • Open Source Training guarantees that training from OST will be more cost-effective than training from any other source.
  • Open Source Training guarantees that students in open-enrollment classes are protected against cancellations and will be able to receive desired training at the cost they expect and in the time frame they have planned.
  • Open Source Training guarantees overall quality with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied for any reason, simply withdraw before the second day of any class. Notify the instructor and return all course materials and you will receive a 100% refund.

Open Source Training presents the best quality and value available today. Our customer service policies and guarantees assure that you get quality training when you want it, and at the lowest total cost available from any source. We want you to get the architectural insight and accelerated learning path that you came for. Every time.