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IPv6 Consulting

IPv6 is the new Internet protocol that fixes a number of problems in IPv4, such as the limited number of available IPv4 addresses. I t also adds many improvements to IPv4 in areas such as policy based routing and network auto configuration

IPv6 has several advantages over IPv4

  • Indigenous support for security
  • Eradicates address depletion problem
  • Provides means for end-to-end communications
  • Allows for system mobility

IPv6 includes the definition of extensions which provide support for authentication, data integrity, and confidentiality.

True Meridian IPv6 Monitoring Tools Download PDF Specification

Take control of Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring tools delivers on its two promises of blending comprehensive Multiple Operating System-based application and network monitoring with ease of use, allowing IT managers to turn network data into actionable business information like trending analysis and IT resource planning guidance. Organizations and government entities deploying IPv6 can rest assured with our network monitoring tools which supports IPv4 & v6 out-of-the-box.

Our Goal
To Help in research and developing test and measurement tools for IPv6 and to facilitate early vendor interoperability testing and pilot deployment activities on the 6Bone.

Our Complete network monitoring Solution includes many useful New network monitoring, network mapping, and network management features including:

Packet Capturing Tool

Adapter Speed Displayed
Packet capture indicator
Real Time Packet Summary
Real Time Packet Detail
Remotely capture packets
IPv4 / IPv6 Ethernet Capture

Capture Filter Tool

Filter on Protocol
Filter on Layer 2 Address
Filter on Layer 3 Address
Filter on Layer 4 Port number
Filter on offset/no data pattern
Filter on offset/data pattern
Filter Wizard

Monitoring Traffic Tool

Network Utilization
Throughput per second (bps)
Packets per sec
Add customized UDP/TCP port #'s
Application Response Time
Filter on Layer 2 address
Filter on Layer 3 address
Filter on Layer 4 Port #

Single Node Monitoring Tool

Network Utilization
Incoming Utilization
Outgoing Utilization
Throughput per second (bps)
Packets per sec
Connectivity View
Live Traffic View
Filter on Layer 2, 3, and Layer 4

Protocol Statistics Tool

Frame Size Distribution
Layer 2 Distribution
Layer 3 Distribution
Layer 4 Distribution
IPv6 Distribution
IPv4 vs IPv6 Distribution
Cumulative Statistics
Add customized UDP/TCP port #'s
Reporting Facility
Real Time Graph display

Address book Tool

Layer 2,3, and 4 Address
Domain Name Lookup
Hostname Lookup
Microsoft Names/Qualifiers
Microsoft Workgroup
IPv6 Address Support
Editable Address Book
Node Description
Node Location
Auto Nodes Discovery
Filter by Subnet, by Location, and by Workgroup