True Meridian specializes in software development and consultancy services. The company has extensive experience in development of systems ranging from small business solutions to enterprise solutions.

Software Development

True Meridian provides general purpose software development services that span a wide range of front end, middleware and backend database development. We specialize in three-tier and multi-tier architectures for development of fault tolerant solutions. See more
IPV6IPV6 Consulting

IPv6 is the new Internet protocol that fixes a number of problems in IPv4, such as the limited number of available IPv4 addresses. It also adds many improvements to IPv4 in areas such as policy based routing and network auto configuration. See more
Video ConferencingVideo Conferencing

True Meridian is proud to be MLabs Master Distributor for MCS, the world-class multimedia conferencing system. MCS is a full-fledged versatile multipoint video conferencing system that can seamlessly integrate into the current network architecture of an organization. The best part of MCS is that it was designed to fit into any existing LAN and WAN environment. See more

RFID is the new ground breaking technology used primarily for asset tracking and supply chain integration but furnishes a number of other advantages. True Meridian provides a full range of services in this arena including site analysis ,hardware select ion and middleware integration. See more